Markus Dapper was born and raised in Cologne/Germany. From an early age, he was obsessed with movies. For years his child’s room was wallpapered with movie posters. Until now he is a passionate collector of movie posters, books and merchandize. 

At the age of nine, he got his first camera as a gift from his grandfather. That was the time when taking pictures have become an important part of his life. He always carried his camera wherever he went but for a long time his passion should remain a beloved hobby.


In 2012 Markus graduated as Photo Designer at University Deutsche Pop. After graduation, he traveled to Greece and visited an old friend from pilgrimage days. Alexios Alamatidis is a professional photographer based in Thessaloniki. Back in 2009, when they were walking together on the Way of St- James, Alexios offered Markus an internship in his studio “Dytikos Photography”, if he should ever really become a photographer. 

Markus stayed for three months in Greece and learned a lot about portraiture, lightning and event photography. 


2013 he got hired to work as a photographer on a cruise vessel. That job was a great opportunity to get some more routine in various disciplines of photography. He had to do a lot of portraiture as well inside a studio as outdoor. Besides he had to plan and realize a lot of wedding and honeymoon shootings. He even did a lot of landscape and street photography for postcard production.

2014 that contract ended and Markus started working as a freelance photographer in Cologne. Besides movies music was always a very important part of his life. With a strong background in Cologne’s hip hop culture he specialized in music photography and also worked as videographer for different artists. Event organizer booked him for big festivals in Germany and Belgium. Among others he worked on Summerjam, Splash, Nature One, Out4Fame and Reggaebus. 


Markus also worked as a unit stills photographer on various productions. Due to his everlasting obsession with the movies and his love for documentary photography, working as a stills photographer feels like things have come full circle.


print publications

"We build this city"

Brochure of the City of Cologne, June 2019

Page 15,16,18,19,26,27,29,30,31,32,33


"Lüdenscheid Daily Newspaper"

November 25th, 2016

Page 21


"JUICE Magazine"

No. 170, October 2015

Page 38 ff.


"JUVE" legal market

No. 08, Volume 13, August 2010 

Page 98 



06/2019            "Free Range" Truman Brewery, London/Great Britian 


05/2019            "Urban Warrior" Heinz von Heiden,              Cologne/Germany


06/2012          "Deceleration" Lichtung, Cologne/Germany

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